We tapped into the ridiculousness of humanity with the pop culture moment of “forced perspective” travel selfies. It's the perfect metaphor for the extra skill and training required to become an Orthodontic and alignment expert.


Next, we extended the travel selfie idea to also include alignment fails in everyday life.


Not only do Orthodontists align teeth, they also straighten them. So we created a game of nail bitting entertainment to demonstrate the level of skill required to be an Orthodontist. Hosted on a microsite, the game was seeded on facebook, with your results being shared as a carrot to get friends to play. Test out your skills:


Perfect Profiles

This is when things really started to get obsessive. We created a series of ads highlighting the idiosyncrasies and quirks of what makes orthodontists the only choice if you want perfect alignment for your teeth.


Orthodontics Australia needed a brand refresh, to try and better compete with online offereings such as Smile D.I.Y. club. Their website used dated stock imagery, which looked very American. So we brought the campaign colour palette to life and said goodbye to naff stock imagery.