Street Posters

Challenging the notion that "petite just means small" we inferred it could also mean you were a pear shape, hourglass, or column figure, and still be "petite".

Press & Outdoor


We created a "live lookbook" were customers could snap themselves in Dannii's collection, post to social with the #danniifortarget then be aggregated on a microsite to become live models, showcasing Dannii's collection and showing what a real petite looked like.

Behind the Scenes

By giving a glimpse into the 3 day photoshoot, we were able to bolster Dannii's credentials as an authority on fashion, and show that she was more than just a pop star.

The Shoot

Dannii was the most photogenic person I had ever art directed. She could not take a bad photo, and was like a glamour girl from a Robert Palmer film clip.